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08 - The Monkey IV

'Darklight, Digital Film Festival'


By 1998, the Chaplin film was complete and I was arranging its first screenings. There was a second batch of Chinese supr 8 mm, and then, following Triskill Design's first job in Osaka, Japanese Super 8 mm. This material was shaped into another video for 'Recount', a remix of a Rob Rowland track by Envoy, on D1 Recordings.

These videos started to get good circulation with the emergence of festivals like 'Darklight', which began in 1999, organized by 'Sink', digital media, based in Dublin.

In the second batch of Super 8 mm I switched the film stock that I used, using daylight film under neon night lights and using tungsten film under strong sunlight ( Shanghai in the summer ).

Some of the stock was also out of date, 10 years past its expiry date, so the resulting colours when processed were unpredictable but turned out to be very effective.


  Alan Lambert 2009