01- Introduction
  The Dog
02- Part I
03- Part II
04- Part III
  The Monkey
05- Part I
06- Part II
07- Part III
08- Part IV
09- Part V
10- Part VI
11- Part VII 
  The Dragon
12- Part I
13- Part II
14- Part III
15- Part IV
16- Part V 
17- Part VI 
18- Part VII 
19- Part VIII 
  UR / Drexciya / D1
20- Part I
21- Part II
22- Part III
23- Part I
24- Part II
25- Part III
26- Part IV
27- Part V
28- Part VI
29- Part VII
30- Part VIII
31- Part IX
32- Part X
33- Part XI

20 - UR / Drexciya / D1 I



Metal Dragon had often shared offices with D1 Recordings. As the D1 office moved from building to building, so did one particular decorative item. A framed poster of the globe with 'Drexciya' scrawled across the front of it in silver.

'Drexciya' and 'Underground Resistance' were a large part of the influence of Detroit techno on the emerging Irish electronic music scene. Starting in 1991, 'UR' were the first Detroit based act to play techno live and the first group to use a DJ as a band member.

They have since been hugely influential in electronic music and have always remained independent. One of the keys of their campaign is the creation of alter-egos, crusaders who bring electronic music to the world. 'UR' created the 'Interstellar Fugitives' and 'Drexciya' presented their audience with a team of aquatic commandos.

Via their Interstellar Fugitives, 'UR' brought their music, in the words of their unknown writer, ‘Nation 2 Nation, World 2 World, Galaxy 2 Galaxy’.


  Alan Lambert 2009