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26 - Pangea IV



Cutting out and pasting together the land-masses on paper, beginning with Australia and Papua New Guinea, I found that they all fit surprisingly easily, and I should re-iterate that in this exercise I did not know how professional geologists had already done this and was aware of the absence of information on sea-beds and continental shelves - so I still regarded it as a flamboyant exercise in creating a backbone for my 'Nun Chaha' - but I found the ease with which they fit curious.

However, my excitement rose as I found that not only did they all fit nicely around India, into Madagascar and Africa, but they also fit very nicely into the Indonesian Islands and the coast of China.

They also fit up into Japan and Korea, in fact closing the East Coast, onto the Pacific aswell as over the Indian Ocean - a feat only possible if you allowed the curvature of those land-masses to decrease, like assembling the folded corners of a clip-box.

When I also took into account the already well established joining of Africa and South America, a concept that had never crossed my mind before dawned on me - I thought; 'My God! It all fits together perfectly if you simply let it get smaller!'

A dangerous but thrilling idea entered my head - maybe this is the significance of the ethnic gradation around the Pacific Ocean that has become a driving force in my work up to this point.

I will note here that the first question that most people ask in relation to the possibility of expansion ( 'Where does all the extra material come from inside to cause expansion?' ) I became immediately aware of myself but I decided to leave this question until later and not interrupt working with the surface features as ideas were falling into place nicely and I didn't want to break the flow, whether it was ultimately fantasy or not.


  Alan Lambert 2009