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30 - Pangea VIII

Mars - 'Crater Count'


The resulting object is the starting point of the rest of this site and can be found in 'Shields of the Earth' and 'Shield Re-Assembly'. This is the object which suggested to me ( based on its diameter ) that Mercury is, in fact, an Earth in its Pre-Cambrian state. That is the point at which the actual hypothesis of this website emerged - that all the objects of this Solar System are simply the same thing at different stages.

In the light of this idea I felt it was important to also look at the next object in line. I looked at the recent crustal magnetism maps of Mars and combined them with its already well established topography. I corresponded the earliest shields of the Earth, determined by radioactive dating, to the oldest areas of rock on Mars, determined ( before the current batch of new Mars landers, from the original 'Viking' landings ) by 'crater count'.


  Alan Lambert 2009