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At this stage I will abstain from discussing the rest of my research here, as it is basically now the content of the rest of the site.

However, I will mention here my own doubts about the methods of determining the age of the ancient rock shields involved. These methods, radioactive dating, which, when delving into the deep, deep past, can leave uncertainty with windows of tens of millions of years - a postulated earlier continent joined in the east and the postulated later 'Pangea', joined in the west, could be a similar age - but the window of uncertainty conveniently gives time for them to move from one side of the globe to the other, which is how continent movement is plotted in conventional plate-tectonics, on a constant radius. This 'understanding' of constant radius appears to me to be the key problem with conventional plate-tectonics and relates to planet formation in Astrophysics. This is discussed in more detail in 'About This site'.

Obviously there are many fundamental questions that my hypothesis raises and these are listed in 'Full Sequence and Notes' and are referred to throughout the site. They're kind of waiting in a queue for me to start addressing them.

'About This Site' clarifies in more detail, from this point, my approach in relation to addressing some of these questions.

I believe that, by some very oblique angle, I have stumbled on a continuity between all the celestial bodies of this Solar System. They are all simply undergoing the same process, in the same tectonic pattern, at different stages. And as all people have two eyes a nose and a mouth, so all planets have these continents when they're in their prime. They all looked like this one - and if this one has people living on it, then they all did. 600 billion human beings, with births, deaths, marriages, war and homework.

I am now regarding the entire system as a single object with working parts, and, precisely because it is not my 'field', I am regarding it with a fresh, unbiased eye.

The path outlined in this section is the path by which the premise of The Seventh Earth emerged - and if I'm The Metal Dragon, then, somehow through the path of my work, Yama, the immortal Indian girl, brought me to The Ring Of Fire. She showed me a beautiful secret of the Earth.

This website is for her.


Alan Lambert
The Liquid Rooms, Tokyo, Japan.
April 30, 2006

  Alan Lambert 2009