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31 - Pangea IX



I found that the general crustal magnetic pattern, combined with the positioning of the original Shields, fell into a pattern similar to that which the continents and magnetic declination of the Earth would fall into if they continued to follow the movement that I had independently plotted - but, more crucially, if it contracted to half its present diameter.

These similarities would not, of course, reveal themselves if conventional continent reconstructions were wrong - something of which I was becoming more convinced.

My conclusion was that Mars is exactly the same object as the Earth, following the same pattern of tectonic activity and once having had the same continents, but now dried and contracted. Mars presently has tectonic features but no evidence of plates or interior currents which drive crust movement, suggesting that it's dynamo has ceased.

Tying in with the timeline hypothesis, I believed it was the remains of the previous Earth. It was the Sixth Earth.


  Alan Lambert 2009