01- Introduction
  The Dog
02- Part I
03- Part II
04- Part III
  The Monkey
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06- Part II
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09- Part V
10- Part VI
11- Part VII 
  The Dragon
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16- Part V 
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19- Part VIII 
  UR / Drexciya / D1
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21- Part II
22- Part III
23- Part I
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25- Part III
26- Part IV
27- Part V
28- Part VI
29- Part VII
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31- Part IX
32- Part X
33- Part XI

02 - The Dog I



I have always been a painter, but my second interest has long been cinema and photography.

In 1995 my first experience of working on a large budget feature film, Trilogy Entertainment's 'Moll Flanders', suggested to me that making a film without budget, crew or cast, although sacrificing the fruits of collaboration, may be a dream in terms of artistic freedom. One could re-evaluate it at every juncture, withdraw and rethink it all after shooting each scene, and ultimately create a more layered visual experience.

I decided that I would write a short script for a film that I could shoot silently on black and white Super-8mm by natural light, cast some of my friends and shoot in real locations within walking distance of my home - pretty much 'Dogma' style and not far off the 'hands on' way that many film-makers start.

I wanted a simple story that could be imparted mostly in visual terms, with minimal dialogue that could be dubbed afterwards. The story should involve two main characters with some kind of third party to give a basic conflict between them. It would be my personal cinematic 'Etude'.


  Alan Lambert 2009