01- Introduction
  The Dog
02- Part I
03- Part II
04- Part III
  The Monkey
05- Part I
06- Part II
07- Part III
08- Part IV
09- Part V
10- Part VI
11- Part VII 
  The Dragon
12- Part I
13- Part II
14- Part III
15- Part IV
16- Part V 
17- Part VI 
18- Part VII 
19- Part VIII 
  UR / Drexciya / D1
20- Part I
21- Part II
22- Part III
23- Part I
24- Part II
25- Part III
26- Part IV
27- Part V
28- Part VI
29- Part VII
30- Part VIII
31- Part IX
32- Part X
33- Part XI

23 - Pangea I



Reflecting on the above, I decided that I would take many of the premises of 'White Monkey' and its characters, and combine them with this concept of creating alter-egos within electronic music promotion. Thus the story and world I had created could be diffused into smaller pieces of work, like videos or poster and flier campaigns, and the work may find the right outlet and platform in this way.

The characters I had created could become like the heroes of 'UR' or 'Drexciya', and the world I had created could provide their background and history. As the Drexciyan migration told of slave emancipation, and 'UR' brought a message of unity with 'Nation 2 Nation, World 2 World, Galaxy 2 Galaxy' my immortal characters, The Metal Dragon and Yama, would bring a message of cultural unity via their 400 year story and journey, tracing the ethnic gradation around the Ring Of Fire, circling the Pacific Ocean.

But they would inhabit a fictitious parallel Earth where the continents ( foreshadowing the path of thier story ), had once joined across the Pacific and not the Atlantic, forming a kind of 'mirror' Pangea ( the postulated original single continent ), on an Earth where all ethnicity was a continuous, infinitely varied colourfield, without divides, and all communication made via electronic music.

Native American, Asian, African, Caucasian - all communicating on an web of musical channels corresponding to the tectonic activity of this parallel Earth, through the earthquake and volcanic belts and along the fault lines, the geological activity of this Earth at one with the pattern of its electronic music, bringing a unity to its inhabitants.

An exercise in collective conscience, it would be named after the first mountain to emerge from the primieval waters of American Indian folklore, 'Nun Chaha', which I thought a suitable parallel for 'Pangea'.


  Alan Lambert 2009