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  The Dog
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  UR / Drexciya / D1
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24 - Pangea II



This parallel Earth, or 'Nun Chaha', was arguably old-fashioned and simplistic in its idealism, I admit. It was a textbook utopia, but one which provided exciting imagery and concepts for characters and artwork and a simpe, timeless, and universal message about the connection of people. I liked it, and I felt it could rescue the content of the scripts I had developed and could find the right platform for that material, whilst also tying in with the future of electronic music in Ireland.

But, like many of these kinds of projects, it needed to be informed on a more scientific level, to give it a more solid foundation ( like the concept of DNA cloning on which 'Jurassic Park' was built, or the continuing advancements in our understanding of Global Warming which informed 'The Day After Tommorrow' ). Good fiction is always informed by fact - good science fiction writers obviously know their stuff about contemporary understandings in related fields.

So, I needed an actual geological premise on which this parallel Earth was going to be built.


  Alan Lambert 2009