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  The Dog
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  The Dragon
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  UR / Drexciya / D1
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16 - The Dragon V



In relation to the origins of the American background, on a Triskill Design job in South Korea in 2001, the temples in Seoul were my first experience of a direct visual connection between the traditional arts of Asia and those of North America, more so than my previous experiences in China or Japan. This recalled the traditional Indian myth of Malsum and Glooksap that I had used in my Chaplin short, and I felt drawn again to the transposition I had made in that early piece of work.

Within the following few months, in early 2002, the American market started to open up for Triskill Design, and after Korea we found ourselves in Oklahoma and later Nevada.

So the transition continued. Shortly after standing in temples in Seoul I found myself on the edge of the Great Plains, observing buffalo, and I found a deep spiritual resonance between the two experiences.


  Alan Lambert 2009