01- Introduction
  The Dog
02- Part I
03- Part II
04- Part III
  The Monkey
05- Part I
06- Part II
07- Part III
08- Part IV
09- Part V
10- Part VI
11- Part VII 
  The Dragon
12- Part I
13- Part II
14- Part III
15- Part IV
16- Part V 
17- Part VI 
18- Part VII 
19- Part VIII 
  UR / Drexciya / D1
20- Part I
21- Part II
22- Part III
23- Part I
24- Part II
25- Part III
26- Part IV
27- Part V
28- Part VI
29- Part VII
30- Part VIII
31- Part IX
32- Part X
33- Part XI

21 - UR / Drexciya / D1 II



To quote the unknown Drexciyan writer; 'Are Drexciyans water breathing, aquatically mutated descendants of those unfortunate victims of human greed? have they been spared by God to teach us or terrorise us? Did they migrate from the Gulf of Mexico to the Mississippi river basin and on to the great lakes of Michigan? Do they walk among us? Are they more advanced than us and why do they make their strange music? What is their Quest? These are many of the questions that you don’t know and never will. The end of one thing...and the beginning of another. Out -'

The 4 Drexciyan maps and their texts, used as part of their promotional imagery, follow on from this.

Map 1. Atlantic Ocean, ‘The Slave Trade’ (1655 - 1867), Map 2. America, ‘Migration routes of rural blacks to Northern Cities’ (1930’s - 1940’s), Map 3. America, ‘Techno leaves Detroit and spreads Worldwide’ (1988), Map 4. Atlantic Ocean, ‘The Journey Home’, (Future).

So the concept of parallel worlds, from Detroit, lay in the background of the Metal Dragon office.


  Alan Lambert 2009