Global Warming
01- 1000 years
02- CO2
03- Positive Feedback
04- 1C Increase
05- 2C Increase
06- 3C Increase
07- 4C Increase
08- 5C Increase
09- 6C Increase
10- Accelerated Tectonics
11- Ocean Basins
12- Building Storms
13- Warmer Waters
14- Chile Axis Shift
15- Hell In The Pacific
16- Runaway Loops
17- Transition
18- Continuity of Worlds
19- Super Floods
20- Kasei Valles
21- Epicentre
22- Plate Boundaries

17 - Transition

Present Earthly volcanic belts and ancient Martian Phyllosilicates


The three perioods of the newly defined Martian Geological history are: The Phyllocian Era, The Theikian Era and the Siderikan Era ( see: 'Mars Mission', sections 9, 10, 11, respectively )

In terms of global warming, the transition from the Phyllocian to the Theikian, which consisted of volcanic activity releasing gases into the atmosphere, creating an acidic environment and eventually resulting in the absence of water at the end of volcanism in the Siderikan Era, bears the same basic hallmarks as the changes it is believed that this Earth will see over the coming centuries with runaway Global Warming.

  Alan Lambert 2011